Our Mission

  • To create community amongst sales and marketing professionals
  • To provide a forum of support and resources
  • To continue the proliferation of the HPA, stimulate member growth and further exemplify its ideals and commitment to industry support


Salespeople in the post production industry have a very unique set of challenges. Engaging in a field that is nestled firmly between highly sophisticated technology and the intangible creative process, the post production sales person must have a grasp of both areas and then be savvy enough to create a compelling selling proposition. This is unlike most, if not all, other industries and requires specific and specialized skill sets and abilities. So where does the post production sales person go for support in this unique situation? Where can these individuals find training or employment resources? For technologists and artists, there are plenty of resources including websites, seminars, events, unions, magazines and online publications. But there is nothing established for those who bear the uncommon and challenging responsibility to bridge the gaps between art, technology and commerce.

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Some photos from the SCRG Lunch on 6/25/2014

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